At present, the color of stainless steel screen in the market is mainly: rose gold, black gold, champagne gold, green bronze, red antique copper, yellow main copper, silver-white, rice white and so on. What are the characteristics of these colors? How to process it?

It can be divided into three categories: vacuum plating and electrolytic pool plating. Third, high temperature sprays powder. The following are the characteristics of the three processes and the process of processing.

First type: vacuum plating orPVD coating. Vacuum electroplating is coated with an ionic membrane on the surface of the stainless steel screen. The advantage of this type of coating is that the surface is covered by ions, namely the interaction force between the particles, which has a strong adsorption capacity. The screen is not easy to fade and fade. The data show that it can be used for up to 20 years. There are three common colors: rose gold, black gold, and champagne.

We would use different coating ways to fulfill our clients demand .Especially for stainless steel room divider, in order to assure color quality, we recommend our clients to use PVD coating for rose gold, gold, bronze colors.

The second type: water plating. The copper is formed by covering a layer of copper ions on the surface of the stainless steel screen. The copper, which is the same colour as the real copper, saves the cost. The disadvantage is that copper plating belongs to electrochemical reflector, the surface of the color has chemical solvents, so it has certain chemical pollution. Above offer to green bronze, red bronze, yellow bronze are adopting this technology.

Third: spray coating. High temperature spray is a layer of chemical powder sprayed on the surface of the stainless steel screen, such as white, black, orange, etc. This kind of process, because it’s used in the solvent spray, it has a smooth surface, and it looks like it has a certain reflective effect. At the same time, the spraying layer is also thicker, not easy to fade under normal temperature. Usually office type stainless steel screen is often used in this process, the color is very pure.