How to finish a whole laser cut stainless steel screen?

All projects start with a call or email. On a regular day i receive many inquiries and messages sourcing bespoke laser cut metal wall panel designs. I am often asked

if I send you a sketch can you make this design for us?

I simply and respectfully ask the customers to send their ideas.

Customer A – just an idea and nothing else

Sometimes this can be quite entertaining as not everyone can draw or sketch their thoughts and ideas, but we find because ideas often come from something the customer has seen online, or seen on the high street, or products they are trying to visualize are similar to existing products, then we always find a way. In the cases where they cant find any information online we ask questions such as what style? what color? what features? location? what type of material?

We then quickly, often within an hour, source relevant information and provide a sketch with supporting images that we then send back to the customer. We never charge for this service, as we see this as a way to clarify everyone’s thoughts and expectations, and also very quickly state whether we can fabricate the design or not.

If it is a project we can help with we say there and then. If we cant help we always provide guidance on suitable suppliers and manufacturers who can, assuming it is possible in the first place.

Customer B – a full understanding of what you want having seen images on the web

This is a regular question we receive from bar and shop owners, landscape designers, shopfitters, diy enthusiasts, and customers wanting to achieve a certain look and finish.

First of all we ask the customer to send us the image and it all works backward from there. If they have found an image from one of our galleries it is easy to start to understand what is and is not possible. If it is an image from elsewhere, for example Pinterest or an image a customer has seen on TV or on the High Street, then a little bit of research is required. The importance of understanding what can and cant be achieved based on a simple image which may have no bearing on the customers project is the key.

Customer C – a full set of drawings with a materials and finish specification

This is a regular inquiry we receive from architects and interior designers, architectural technicians, interior stylists and stagers, design consultancies and design led companies.

Most of the time the inquiry is straight forward, the design is available, the drawings accurate, the outcomes achievable. Sometimes however designs have to change, although such practices are rare, the customers are always grateful of our advice often over the very first phone call. We simply provide guidance on what is possible, or highly recommended to achieve the highest quality results. Examples of such amendments include small changes to company logos to be laser cut – think what happens to the word ‘BOO’ when laser cut as the centers of the characters will simply fall out!

How much will it cost?

1)How we cost all our bespoke laser cut screens and metal panels

There are lots of variables to consider when pricing to manufacture our custom made laser cut screens.

2)Complexity of laser cut

It seems obvious but the more complicated the design, the more expensive. Prices are based on the laser cutting time, and the longer the metal sheet is under the laser, the greater the price.

Complexity of fabrication and assembly

Another obvious answer. Good design means all folds and components are kept to a minimum. It is also very good practice to reduce the time a materials fabricator needs to work on the project. We help all the way to ensure parts, folds, inserts and fabricating time is kept as low as possible.


One way to reduce the laser cutting time is to choose a material, and material thickness, that allows the laser cut to flow faster. The thinner the material, the faster the laser. We work closely with every customer, on every single design, to ensure the optimum materials are selected for strength and rigidity purposes.


We always try and optimize customer projects to reduce material waste, and where possible design laser cut profiles to minimize sheet metal waste. For bespoke designs, sheet materials are typically 2.5m x 1.5m,


Can two designs be made at the same time – it is a lot cheaper if we have to set up jigs and tools once, rather than twice.


This is where key savings can be achieved. Can all products be finished in the same color? Can you use the same base material? Are the finishes all the same price? What are the environmental conditions for each panel – indoors or outdoors? Are they located in an area of high footfall? Will they be located where children might be around? Do you require hand finishing, for example on the antique brass sheet? Can they be powder coated rather than anodized?

Costs depend entirely on a wide range of factors, many of which are mentioned above. We cost all custom made laser cut screens and decorative architectural panels competitively and where necessary include installation and fixing.